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YAZA AFRICA Announced As International Images Film Festival for Women Partner


Africa New Media Group has announced that its signature brand for African women, YAZA AFRICA has been named the official media partner for the International Images Film Festival for Women.

The festival returns for its 19th edition this year in Harare, Zimbabwe under the directorship of the acclaimed director and writer, Tsitsi Dangarembga.

The IIFF is an international festival returning to the world stage after the COVID-19 pandemic to inspire positive images of women, interrogate, debate, and celebrate the world of women through film.

The event gives women a platform to tell their own stories and shape the narrative of what it means to be an African woman.

This year’s festival theme “Women at Crossroads” gives filmmakers an opportunity to explore the tough choices women are faced with in today’s world and how they can best make decisions that work for them and society.

The Director of IIFF, Tsitsi Dangarembga, is keen on using the event to raise more awareness on such issues. Speaking of this new media partnership, she noted, “the IIFF is intentional about providing a platform for African women to tell their stories. This is crucial because they are faced with difficult choices and it’s important to talk about these issues and bring that into the public consciousness. That’s why we are excited to work withp artners like YAZA who share in this vision and will help us bring our message and our festival to audiences across Africa and the world.”

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The principal in charge of the project for YAZA AFRICA, Agnes Amondi added, “now more than ever, black women want to tell their own stories and that’s why this partnership with the International Images Film Festival is important to us. We are giving them the chance to talk about the issues they care about, and we are moret han delighted to do that.”

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