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Soldier Pleads For Freedom After Bashing Ex-Girlfriend

A serving soldier based at Manyame airbase, Leonard Nyaruwe who appeared before the Harare Magistrates court on charges of pointing a firearm at his now ex-girlfriend has pleaded for freedom on bail saying he can not flee trial as he will be punished at his work place.

State had opposed his bail application on the grounds that he will flee the jurisdiction of the court.

It is the state’s case that Nyaruwe pointed a firearm at the complainant, who is now his ex girlfriend, Christina Ngorima before assaulting her.

Ngorima allegedly suffered severe injuries and also suffered a miscarriage, which was all proved by a medical report issued on 16 March 2023, a day after the assault.

The state said that if Nyaruwe is released on bail, he will interfere with Ngorima, who is the state’s key witness in this matter since he knows where she is now staying.

The state further argued that Ngorima used to stay with the accused and had to seek refuge at her workplace so he can visit there anytime if he is releases on bail.

However, Nyaruwe said that he is a good candidate for bail since he is a man of fixed aboad, employed as a soldier at Manyame airbase and has never shown any intention to flee.

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Nyaruwe also said as a soldier, deserting employment has dire consequences.

He also told the court that the allegations against him were fabricated by the complainant who vowed to fix him for moving on with another girlfriend.

He told the court that does not own a gun and that the state never recovered any firearm when they arrested him.

The matter was postponed to Tuesday, 21 March 2023 for bail ruling.

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