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ZEC Issues By-election Notice


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Friday issued an election notifying the electorate of the 26 March by-elections.

The by-elections have been marred by violence and reports of alleged elections fraud meant to rig against the opposition.

Videos of alleged ZEC officials with ballot papers for tomorrow’s highly anticipated polls were awash on social media Thursday night. ZEC has yet to issue a response to the allegations.

Below is the full text from ZEC on the election notice.

WHEREAS by-elections are scheduled to be held on the 26th of March 2022 in all the advertised wards and National Assembly constituencies:

AND WHEREAS by-elections will be held concurrently at polling stations where a vacant ward falls within a National Assembly constituency for which a by-election is also scheduled to be held;

AND WHEREAS the voters’ rolls’ to be used in respect of the ward by-elections closed on the day the vacancies occurred while those for the National Assembly constituencies closed on the 8th of January 2022:

NOW THEREFORE the public is hereby informed that because of the foregoing at polling stations where ward and National Assembly constituency by-elections will be held concurrently:

1. two separate voters rolls will be provided:-

a. one for the ward by-election reflecting the day the vacancy occurred as the day of closure of the voters’ roll; and

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b. one for the National Assembly Constituency by-election, reflecting the 8th of January as the day of closure of the voters roll

2. it a voter’s name appears on both voters’ rolls’ he/she will be issued with two ballot papers, one to elect a councillor for the ward concerned and one to elect a member of the National Assembly for the constituency concerned.

3. If a voter registered after the date of closure of the ward voters’ roll but before the date of closure of the National Assembly voters’ roll, he/she will only be issued with the ballot paper for the National Assembly by-election,

5. So as not to disenfranchise voters affected by the scenario in paragraph four 4 above, the voters listed in the schedule below will vote at the polling stations reflected against their names.

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