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Dressing-Down Of Zim Patient In Limpopo, A Reminder Of Poor Leadership, Says Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has expressed displeasure over the recent outburst by South African Limpopo MEC Dr. Phophi Ramathuba alleging that the patient’s exposure was a reminder of poor leadership.

The CCC leader said the influx of Zimbabweans to the diaspora has for far too long been a burden to the recipient countries.

Posting on Twitter, Chamisa said the vulnerability of the patient who was dressed down by the Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba was a reminder of the impact of poor leadership on the lives and dignity of Zimbabweans.

“Like many people in Zimbabwe and elsewhere around the world, I recently watched a video in which Dr Phophi Ramathuba, the Limpopo MEC for Health, spoke to a Zimbabwean patient seeking care in a hospital. As I listened to my dear compatriot expressing gratitude to the MEC, I was filled with a deep sense of regret, sadness, and rage.

“The patient’s vulnerability reminded us of real impact of poor leadership on the lives and dignity of our people. For me, it deepened my resolve to change it. Like many other Zimbabweans who have had to shelter outside our borders, she did not want to be there. It was not her choice. She is there because her leaders back at home do not care about her. She is not alone. 

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“Zimbabwe has been a burden to her neighbours for far too long. It is time we changed this. By the Zimbabwean government’s own estimates, since this regime took power, people have left the country at a higher rate than at any time in our history. The national statistics agency recently released data showing that emigration peaked in 2021. Nowhere is this exodus felt so strongly than in our critical health sector,” said Chamisa

He said Zimbabwe among the top five recipients of these skilled visas to the UK and has been losing skilled people more than countries that are at war.

“Which industry are all these skilled people coming from? Many are coming out of our hospitals. Not only are our medical staff unable to feed their families, but they also have to face the emotional and psychological trauma of watching their patients die from what should be easily treatable ailments.

“Our healthcare system fails the most basic tests. The current doctor-to-patient ratio and nurse-to-patient ratio in Zimbabwe is depressing. There is a reason why our hospitals are in this state. We know why patients are crossing the borders to seek treatment in neighbouring countries. It is because of corruption, bad governance and poor leadership under ZANU PF misrule.

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“Millions were lost in Covid-19 procurement deals, and nobody was held accountable. The political elite gets treated overseas. This is who they are; they do not care for ordinary people, like that woman in the Limpopo hospital. They care only for themselves. Our crisis is not just a health crisis or an economic crisis,” he said

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