Epworth Serial Rapist Beds Three Minors

An Epworth man was dragged before Harare Magistrate, Judith Taruvinga facing three counts of rape after bedding three minors on three different occasions.

Ajibu Bonde, 29 is facing three counts where on the first one he raped a 14 year old female juvenile without consent.

According to the state, the incident happened on 24 November 2020 at Chiremba Shopping centre in Epworth Harare.

On the second count, the state alleges that Bonde also raped another juvenile aged 10 at Chiremba shopping centre in Epworth.

It is the state’s case that Bonde bought scrap from the complainant and ordered her to come and collect money later in the day.

He then drove her to Chiremba shopping centre to look for change and that is where he pushed her on the ground behind Chiremba city council bar and raped her, threatening to kill her if she reports to anyone.

It is also the state’s case that on 22 November, Bonde being the accused person had sexual intercourse with a female juvenile aged 12 years without her consent.

Circumstances are that the accused person’s wife called the complainant who was on her way to the shops, to watch television.

The state says they watched television until midnight when the Bonde’s wife went to sleep in the other room.

Bonde took advantage and raped the juvenile.

Bonde silenced the juvenile by offering her ZWL$200.

Prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti opposed bail advising Bonde to approach the High Court.

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