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NetOne Puts ‘Out Of Bundle Browsing’ Feature To Test

Mobile telecommunication giant NetOne has heeded calls from its subscribers to introduce an out-of-bundle (OBB) barring feature, which allows users to prevent have control over their data and voice credit.

The mobile network provider, this year only, managed to roll out great products that include the WhatsApp bundle, which comes with voice and video calling, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the popular Khuluma 24/7 which gives subscribers the liberty to call across networks.

And this time around, the telecommunications giants is putting the Out of Bundle Browsing feature to test.

The feature, according to experts, is a service that allows the subscriber to choose whether to allow his or her phone to be able to access the internet at a time when pone doesn’t have an active data bundle. The development comes as sweet music in the ears of most subscribers who own smartphones, as they in most cases, access the internet without them knowing and perform automatic updates. This will help them preserve most of their airtime.

With the new feature, if there is no active bundle, there will be no internet access.

Speaking to this publication, NetOne chief executive officer Lazarus Muchenje said the move is meant to assist the subscribers derive value from NetOne products.

“The recent feature tests buttress the ‘Back to Basics’ philosophy where we are focusing on the need to get the basics right; and with the introduction of OBB, subscribers will have the freedom to save airtime and derive value from the NetOne products and services on offer,” he said.

He added, “NetOne is currently on its way back to reclaim its rightful title as, The Network of Choice for all Zimbabweans. The recent months have seen subscribers coming back on to our network as a result of the Quality Network, for calls and data as well as Quality Distribution of products and services across the nation. As NetOne we believe in creating value for our clients and the introduction of the “Out of Bundle Browsing” option is meant to ensure that our clients are able to manage their airtime, whilst enjoying their favourite NetOne products and services.”

The move also, is a deliberate support to the shift from traditional forms of communication (telephone calls) to over the top services accessible through the use of data.  Subscribers have become more dependent on data, as a means through which they can access the different communication channels.

To test the services, subscribers can simply follow instructions below,

Dial *130# and select option 1 –  Out of Bundle Charging

Takes you to the main menu where you can

select option 1 – Allow (permits the use of airtime for data connectivity).

select option 2 – Block (restricts use of airtime for data connectivity).

select option 3 – this gives you a status report and this last feature is something NetOne’s competition doesn’t currently offer.

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