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Roki Lectures Fellow Artists On Importance of Land Ownership

After hitting hard times, forcing him to relocate to Seke Communal lands, controversial urban grooves musician, Roki appears to have mastered a few lessons to impart to his fellow colleagues in the arts sector.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, the “Ndoda” hitmaker exhorted fellow artists to forget the glam in cars and invest in land.

“Word of advice to fellow artists, forget about buying cars when you are in your prime, buy land guys,” he said.

Despite emerging as one of the brightest prospects ever to grab the Zimbabwean music industry with hits such as “Seiko,” “Jordan,” and “Suzzana,” Roki has nothing to show besides albums and singles.

His career has often been marred by women, scandals and alcoholic lifestyles resulting in many people losing faith in him fully realizing his potential.

Surprisingly, he seems to be aware of the high expectations people have on him as he has since promised never to disappoint his fans again.

“Thank you Zimbabwe for not giving up on me. There is a lot of new music coming soon,” said Roki in one Twitter post.

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