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Mixed Reactions To Roki, Koffi Olomide Collabo

Mixed emotions shroud the much-anticipated offering from urban grooves musician Roki, Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide and Rayvanny titled “Patati Patata” released earlier today.

While the song has excited some, there is a group trashing the offering especially the part where Koffi Olomide appears to endorse President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“At this moment Roki was just thinking kut jahman ava varikuti Ed number 1 Vanoziva here kuti ndogona kungopera,” Twitter user @ i_am_Shex wrote.  

“I loved Simon Chimbetu but it was really sad seeing him evaporating because of his association with ZANU. From the heights of Pane Asipo to a muffled flop in Panorama 2. Kofi Olomide & Roki, have just marked their graves, at least in Zim! Mnangagwa is a rotten brand!” @freemanchari also said.

However, some individuals came out in Roki’s defence arguing that the “Chidzoka” singer was a charity beneficiary who had no significant say in production deliberations.

“Roki was just at the mercy of Java nekuti ndiye ane bag nema connection .maida adiniwo at least havana kumuimbisa that particular part. He is just a vulnerable artist who was taken advantage of'” Twitter user @lawycey said.

“Cha Koffi na Roki ndochatirikutotamba paChristmas. People just hate the Zanu bit but that song is ??. Akabhadharirwawo Roki veduwe, we can’t hate a song for things beyond his control,” @MwanaWachihera said.

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Political association has often proved to be a suicidal move for most musicians. After releasing “Jecha” which was presumed to be inclined towards the opposition, Winky D was while performing on stage in Kwekwe.

Jah Prayzah was forced to dump his favorite military gear following the 2018 incident where soldiers fired live bullets on unarmed civilians while trying to douse protesters who were demanding the immediate release of the Presidential election results.

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