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Don’t Engage In Prostitution, First Lady Tells Seke Girls

The First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has discouraged young women and girls from engaging in prostitution and abortion saying it has long lasting effects on their health.

The First Lady, who is also the country’s health ambassador made the remarks yesterday while addressing young women in Seke.

“I want to urge you all to be responsible and respect your bodies. Humhandara idambakamwe, naizvozvo chenjerai. I want to hear of girls who refuse to be defiled. Let us all use our hands to improve our lives and not peddle our flesh,” she said.

The First Lady implored those who fall pregnant not to resort to abortion, which will compromise their health.

“Do not abort even if the man responsible has denied paternity because this endangers your health as a woman.

“Let us treasure our bodies because in abortion we may use substances, which cause cancer and you cut short your life.

“To the young ladies who are thinking of starting families without a solid foundation, I urge you to put such thoughts on hold and plan for the future first,” she said.

The Seke women will soon start farming as the First Lady assisted them in applying for a piece of land where they will grow crops, while carrying out other projects.

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