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Controversy Over Roki “Uchandifunga” Million Views

Social media has went ablaze following a subsequent turn of events which saw Roki’s recently released single, “Uchandifunga” spiralling from a little over 300 000 YouTube views yesterday morning to over a million views by end of day.

The song was premiered on Youtube last Friday and it took four days to yesterday morning  for it to reach 300 000 views before surprisingly spiraling to  1.2 million views within a space of about eight hours at end of day.

The development saw the urban groover becoming the fastest Zimbabwean to hit a million views on YouTube.

However, the imbalance between the video likes, comments, views and channel subscriptions has raised many eyebrows, with a significant section on social media alleging that the owner of the record label behind the track, Passion Java, may have bought some views.

Here are some social media reactions to the development.

imaths dzipi dzatiri kuitirwa panoitwa 1.2 million views in 4 days but video rine 10 K likes 100 dislikez and 1K comments maybe ndiri kutadza maths kk


But passion sei achidaro, one time you feel he is doing something great for the music industry then the next minute anozorega kupisika nxaaa


Happiness yemunhu akopa zama akatotalizer inokundwa ne happy yeawana 16 out of 20 anyora straight from the head . Maibata kaaaa


1.4 million views and ur subscriber count barely goes up by 10k. I smell a sneaky link


Views ndoku bheyina, mahumba mahumba


Vanhu Vane ma theory hobho but havasi kuziya?? the reason why Roki is not on the list ingori 1…. Passion Java YouTube channel is not registered as a music Channel and ayo ma charts for Zim music youtube channels… Same reason you can’t find comic pastor pa list iroro


However, Passion Java and his camp have dismissed these claims saying they sourced regional attention for the song through Tanzania music superstar, Rayvanny who circulated the song.

“Thank you Rayvanny and Next level music for helping our video to spread all over Africa,” Passion Java wrote on social media.

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