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T Freddy Threatens ZBC Employee With Death

Rutendo Makuti, a ZBC employee has told Harare Magistrate Gloria Takundwa that Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader Prophet Tapiwa Freddy threatened her with death and quoted bible verses while raping her.

Makuti told the court that T Freddy told her not to reject the anointing which he wanted to give her through intimacy.

“In January I went to thank the accused for his assistance, in February, the accused started to say, ‘maam you are glowing, inini moyo wangu waperera pauri sekufirwa kwawaita ndokwanisa kukuchengeta’

“I told him that it is was a taboo and he seems to have understood but in October he continued saying, ‘ndaakutya kuti ndichakutorerwa nevamwe vanhu I want to take care of you and your kid,” the court heard.

The court also heard that in November 2020, T Freddy requested to visit Makuti’s rural area saying he was seeing some bad spirits following her child.

On 2 November 2020 the two met at the corner of Herbert Chitepo and Second Street in Harare and proceeded to Chiendambuya to see Makuti’s child.

Makuti told the court that T Freddy prayed for everyone who was present before they departed for Harare.

Makuti told the court after arriving in Harare around 7pm, T Freddy drove Makuti to her house in Mt Pleasant Heights.

“We got home and while disembarking he helped me to carry bags into the house since I am single handed.

“While I was inside the toilet I heard him walking into the house but I didn’t know which room he entered I then got out of the toilet and went to the bedroom and found the accused lying on the bed, without shoes while a gun was placed inside his shoes and I asked him why he was on my bed,” she said.

“I then sat on a chair and the accused called my name asking why I make life impossible. He quoted a Bible verse saying that the deceased no longer know anything.

“He removed his belt and said he said he was not comfortable with the belt. He locked the door and threw keys under the bed.

“He told me that from that day I should accept him as my husband.

“He removed his marron trousers and his flowery shirt he said, ‘Ruru take me as your husband’ he held me with power and I failed to fight him he overpowered me coz I was using one hand but he managed to throw me on the bed.

“He removed my skirt and further removed his underwear, and removed mine while pressing me down saying that I should not deny the anointing he was going to give me,” the court heard.

She also told the court that Freddy raped her without protection but during the process he was saying ,”Thank you my Lord” and warned her against telling other people.

Makuti further told the court that T Freddy told her of other women who died after refusing his anointing.

“Our Gods are different, mine is a killer. Do you like your? If I don’t tell anyone you will keep your job,” the court heard.

However, Freddy who is being represented by Everson Chatambudza denied all charges before magistrate Gloria Takundwa saying that him and Makuti were in a love affair but the story went bad when he decided to terminate the relationship.

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