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Chivhayo Donates ZW16 000 Towards Gwanda Man Life Saving Surgery


Harare business man Wicknell “Sir Wicknell”  Chivhayo expressed his softer side by extending his helping hand to bankroll a life saving operation of a Gwanda man Tamson Phiri to the tune of ZW16 000.

Chivhayo, who could not hide his love for Gwanda, paid the ZW16 000 towards a life saving surgery of the 24-year-old Phiri who is suffering from a rare form of cancer diagnosed as invasive squamous cell carcinoma.

The payment was done today, 6 November to the doctor’s account (name Supplied) and Chivhayo made it clear that he had to chip in to help the poor man whose life was dependent on the donation since he was so passionate about Gwanda.

The businessman took to Twitter to acknowledge the development after a concerned resident has tweeted about Phiri seeking for help.

“Gwanda is my second home and everything that happens there is of my concern I really had to chip in,” he said adding that the video he saw on television really caught him emotionally.

“For Gwanda I am so much committed and I have my solar project there so it is more than a home to me,” said Chivhayo.

Chivhayo was previously arrested in connection with the Gwanda Solar project, in which the state accused him of misrepresenting Zimbabwe Power Company,ZPC  but was however acquitted.

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The flamboyant businessman was also cleared by a Harare magistrate of wrong doing in the fraud case he was being jointly charged with a fellow businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure.

The State was alleging that Chivhayo connived with Kadungure and swindled Zanu-PF legislator Dexter Nduna and a Kadoma miner Enos Gatawa of over US$100,000 in a botched mining equipment supply deal.

Despite the arrests and crime accusations, Chivhayo has been donating to the needy, among them a charity organisation headed by First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, Environmental Sustainability Initiatives being spearheaded by the government through the Ministry of Environment, water and Climate and recently to Phiri.

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