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Unlicensed Beauty Clinics Posing Serious Health Risks, Warns HPA

The Health Professions Authority Zimbabwe (HPA) has declared war on the growing number of beauty and wellness facilities offering medical procedures that are far beyond their scope of practice.

In recent years, a trend has emerged of beauty clinics and spas advertising “wellness” treatments that involve intravenous (IV) drips and injections. These establishments, often operating without proper licensing or medical supervision have been attracting clients seeking everything from vitamin infusions to weight loss treatments.

In a press statement, the HPA highlighted that receiving medical treatments from unqualified personnel can have severe health consequences, ranging from infections to potentially life-threatening complications.

“We are concerned that beauty and wellness facilities are offering beauty enhancements, services and skin treatments using procedures that are beyond their scope of operation, such as intravenous drips and infusions.

“Intravenous drips and injectables are being administered by non-medical professionals which poses a serious threat in the health sector. This is a clear violation of the Health Professions Act, which prohibits non-medical personnel from performing any act specially pertaining to a registered professionals,” read the statement.

Mandated to protect public health, the HPA is urging the public to only seek medical treatment from registered health professionals and licensed facilities.

“These can be identified by the possession of a valid practicing certificate from the practitioner’s respective Council as well as an HPA license,” the statement added.

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The HPA revealed that it is currently working with the police to shut down facilities where unqualified personnel are carrying out restricted medical procedures.

“The responsible individuals are facing the wrath of law,” HPA warned.

Experts have cautioned that these unlicensed beauty clinics are putting lives at risk and the public is advised to be vigilant and only trust their health to licensed medical professionals.

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