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ZTA Remains Optimistic Of Rebound Post COVID-19


The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA)Acting Chief Executive, Givemore Chidzidzi says he is optimistic that the tourism sector will make a rebound post the COVID-19 period through investing in human capital and service excellence as part of the recovery strategy.

Tourism has been hard hit by travel restrictions across the world due to the coronavirus but some countries are slowly opening up their borders, the latest being the United Arab Emirates which announced it will open for tourist in a fortnight’s time.

ZTA and the tourism industry in partnership with the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) announced that it will host a Service Excellence Training Webinar on Wednesday to focus on an integrated approach post the COVID-19.

“The aim is to develop an integrated approach to service excellence in the tourism sector. We have to rationalise our efforts and develop a way of doing things that will guide service excellence in the sector and create an enabling environment for developing a positive customer service culture,” Chidzidzi said.

GLS Country Director, Harold Chilowa said that the provision of exceptional customer experience in the tourism sector needs a coordinated approach.

“An exceptional service excellence culture will not come by accident, it will come by design and time investment in learning from industry experts. This is why we have decided to bring the best pair of hands in  Hospitality Service Excellence expertise, in the form of Horst Schultze, Founder and Chairman of the prestigious Capella Hotel Group,” he said.

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The service excellence webinar is the part of the essential pillars of implementing the three-phased destination recovery plan which will be focusing on domestic, regional and international source markets.

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