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Adulting while single, Adulting while married, Adulting with No BS


Nomaliso Musasiwa, Skittles and Mark join Onai in this new episode. There is celebration in the air as the crew talks about Noma’s new current affairs show called No BS. They also break down the MDC Manifesto, the marchs and the squad getting ready for the elections. Is removing the bikini part of Miss America as feminist as we think or are people getting too sensitive? The Chisipite Girls and the case of being a High School kid, being a former government school kid and hating on private school kids. It’s all a mess as they talk about the leaked videos the high scholars got into trouble for. In the feeling station, Nomaliso shares her experience as a married woman and how it’s a good thing to let go of certain things to pursue even better ones, even if that means that those things are your friends Alternative Topic Names 1. Chisi chako ma Valgur song mashoma 2. If you hate the Bikini, change your channel 3. Noogies ft No BS.

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