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Agriculture Minister Dismisses Contaminated Beef Claims

Lands and Agriculture Minister Perence Shiri has dismissed social media reports that infected beef from Mhondoro was being sold in formal butcheries saying his office had not received such reports.

Speaking during the post Cabinet media briefing yesterday, Shiri said whilst there has been an outbreak of diseases, there was nothing to suggest the Mhondoro claims.

“We have anthrax which is a soil borne disease, then foot and mouth which is spread by buffaloes and we have tenolysis which is a tick borne disease and most cattle succumbed to this disease. Farmers are expected to dip their cattle frequently, probably once every week.

“There were reports of infected cattle being slaughtered in Mhondoro let me say we have 2 to 3 extension workers in every area and this casts doubts of those reports. Never the less we have taken heed of the reports. We have issued a warning that no cattle from disease affected areas should be transported” said Minister Shiri

The Minister said there are also inspectors at various abattoirs and called on members of the public to report any cases.

“We have inspectors at abattoirs in the country who are responsible for the slaughtering of cattle once they condemned they will be destroyed and we work in partnership with the Ministry of Health which is responsible with distribution, so far nothing has been discovered which supports those reports. We therefore request citizens to communicate on where it is happening and notify us when it is happening” said Shiri

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Social media was abuzz with reports that contaminated beef was being transported from Mhondoro to towns.


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