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Apostle Chiwenga Triggers Chamisa, Sikhala Debate

Controversial preacher, Apostle Talent Chiwenga has ignited debate among social media users after endorsing Zengeza West legislator, Job Sikhala while dismissing Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa.

Sikhala is currently in remand prison on charges of inciting violence that erupted in Nyatsime when the ruling ZANU PF and CCC activists clashed at the funeral of Moreblessing Ali.

Speaking in one of his online services, Chiwenga said the way Chamisa has managed to escape the vicious eye of ZANU PF is too dangerous to ignore.

“The ruthlessness of ZANU-PF and their blind eye towards Mr Chamisa is too convenient to ignore. Had Mr Chamisa been arrested, their party would be doing everything they can to try and help him come out, but they have ignored Mr Job Sikhala who is languishing in there.

“Job Sikhala has been arrested too many times and Chamisa has never been arrested in that same period, that contrast is too worrisome. Chamisa is a very cowardly man and his cowardice is not just a cause for concern (but) dangerous,” Chiwenga said.

He went on to massage Sikhala’s leadership qualities and urged savvy Zimbabweans to endorse him.

“If the people of Zimbabwe were wise enough, they would actually see a better leader in Job Sikhala than Nelson Chamisa. What he (Sikhala) believes, he fights for it to the drop of his blood. He is willing to take a blow for what he believes.”

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Many shared similar sentiments in the comments section with some condemning Chamisa for being too soft.

“While Chamisa is our hope to get ED out of power. He lacks a lot in terms of qualities of a strong leader. We need revolutionary leaders. Him wishing people a Happy Sabbath and not doing groundwork is pathetic,” Facebook user Hind Mashoko Mudungo said.
“I once said it kuti Job Sikhala has a better political acumen than Chamisa. Chamisa is too soft to remove Zanu from power,” another user Tinashe Chivasa added.
Meanwhile, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has dashed to Chamisa’s defense saying it was part of Zanu PF’s grand plan to have Chamisa arrested and convicted so that they can stop him from contesting in the watershed 2023 elections.
“ZANUPF is desperate to cancel the 2023 elections because it knows that it has NO chance in hell winning them. ZANUPF wants some chaos to happen to justify canceling the elections. Alternatively, they want Nelson Chamisa to be arrested and convicted to stop him from contesting,” said Chin’ono.


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