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Avenues Clinic In Major Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Medical Investments Limited Group (MIL) has set aside US$ 8 million towards major renovations at its flagship subsidiary, the Avenues Clinic, the first of this magnitude in the clinic’s 36 years of existence, 263Chat has learnt.

The budget does not include work already been done during the past year when the renovation exercise began, which saw the clinic procure cutting-edge technological equipment.

Speaking on the sidelines of a tour of the clinic recently, Group chief executive officer, Searchmore Chaparadza said resources for the face lift have already been secured.

“Because the numbers have changed because of the currency issue, at the moment its pending finalization but we are working with about US$ 8 million in total for the whole project,”

“So far we have done about 19 bathrooms, we have done some WASH areas, so because of the improvements we are trying to do in our standards we actually have had to increase the number of WASH areas because a WASH area is a very important hygienic element in a healthcare facility. We have about 22 of those adjacent to those bathrooms and next to rooms. So the stage we are going to is to the actual rooms that are outside those bathrooms,” said Chaparadza.

The upgrade will also include building of an on-sight laboratory at Avenues Clinic as the clinic is currently using laboratories from outside its premises which tend to result in major delays in taking samples and adding costs.

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The initial phase of upgrading equipment began last year with the clinic getting a 164 Slice CT Scanner and Cardiac CT which diagnose heart conditions.

It also procured the state-of-the-art orthopedic operating theatre table,   installed a Toshiba MR, the only one in Africa outside South Africa and drilled three boreholes for backup water supply with 120 000 liters additional storage.

MIL Group also runs upmarket medical centers, St Clement and Montagu Clinics.


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