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Biti Law Firm In Another Landmark Court Ruling

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe has ruled that the Right to shelter or housing does exist in the country and is a justifiable right as enshrined in the Constitution.

Confirming the landmark ruling on twitter, Tendai Biti law chambers said they are humbled by the ruling after the complainants were forcibly evicted from their farm.

“We are humbled to have chartered another landmark judgment in our constitutional jurisprudence. Courts have been slow to enforce socio-economic rights so this judgment is the first definitive pronouncement on second-generation rights. We will keep pushing the law to its limits.

“This comes after the appellants challenged the forced evictions perpetrated by the Respondents on State acquired land known as Haydon Farm which hosts the New Park informal settlement which was home to almost a thousand informal settlers.

“This is a welcome judgment, that advances the status of socio-economic rights in Zimbabwe. Falling in line with other growing jurisprudence in African Law.” said the law firm

According to the law firm, the matter was brought on appeal by the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation and two others versus the Minister of Local Government and National Housing and four others.

In 2016, Biti had another landmark ruling following an application by two women who sought to have the legal age of marriage moved to 18 for both men and women. The court outlawed child marriages.

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