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Cash Strapped Harare Council Warns Debtors

The Harare City Council has issued a stern warning to residents, businesses, parastatals, and government departments as it struggles to cope with mounting debts, which are crippling its ability to deliver essential services.

In a press statement, the City of Harare revealed that it is owed an astounding ZiG940 million by various entities. This substantial sum is vital for the smooth operation of city services, including waste management, infrastructure maintenance, and public amenities upkeep.

“This outstanding debt severely impedes our capacity to fulfil our mandate of providing essential services to the residents of Harare,” stated the Harare City Council. “Therefore, we have commenced issuing final demands and summons to our debtors.”

The council emphasized that these summons would be served indiscriminately to all debtors, irrespective of their status or affiliation.”

Moreover, the council plans to implement a ‘name and shame’ campaign, posting the names of delinquent debtors on social media and at district offices, hoping to prompt settlements.

The council warned that failure to settle outstanding debts could result in legal action, potentially leading to the seizure of property such as houses.

“To avoid the inconveniences of being taken to court with the possibility of losing property like houses, debtors are urged to immediately settle with the City,” the statement further reads.

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The economic situation in Harare has exacerbated the council’s plight, with residents struggling to meet rate payments amid currency transitions and inflationary pressures.

The recent introduction of the new ZiG currency has left many in a state of ‘triple spending,’ where the unavailability of new bills forces transactions to be rounded up, further straining the already tight budgets of Harare’s citizens.

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