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Chamisa Claims CCC Aware of Plot to Manipulate Elections

Nelson Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has claimed that his party is aware of a massive scam to manipulate the upcoming general elections in the country.

In a tweet, Chamisa expressed concerns over the alleged transfer of voters from rural to urban areas, which he claims is an attempt to artificially boost the ruling party’s support in urban areas.

“A CRIMINAL ACT and HUGE SCAM. We’re aware of their desperate schemes to manipulate elections. So, they are transferring voters from rural areas to urban areas so that they boost their small numbers in urban areas. They want to use fraud to win Mps and Councillors in urban areas. Not #ThisTime.” tweeted Chamisa.

“We know everything they are plotting and nobody can cheat destiny!” added Chamisa.

Following the nationwide voter registration blitz, the opposition leader underscored the need to have the voters’ roll to be audited and endorsed by stakeholders.

“After the blitz, the Zimbabwe voters’ roll now has over 6.4 million registered voters. We will not allow and accept a voters’ roll that is not audited, validated and signed off by all the candidates and parties. Don’t neglect your patriotic duty to make your voice count #ThisTime #RegisterToVoteZW #WinBig,” Chamisa said

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The opposition leader is on record questioning the integrity of the electoral process in the country accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of not upholding democratic principles that ensures a reflection of the people’s will.

Electoral fraud and manipulation have long been contentious issues in the country, with previous elections marred by allegations of irregularities.

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