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Chamisa’s CCC Clarifies Double Candidates Saga

The newly formed Citizen Coalition for Change has described the confusion around the fielding of double candidates in Masvingo Urban and Bulawayo local council elections as a minor irregularity that has since been rectified.

Speaking to journalists in Harare, Wednesday, the party’s national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the double candidate saga was excitement over a trivial matter.

“With any innovation or the roll-out of any new system, there are bound to be technical glitches. A total of 143 by-elections are scheduled to take place throughout Zimbabwe on the 26th of March 2022, we only had minor irregularities in only three out of these 143 vacancies and that presents a success rate of 98% where we fielded candidates without incidents forming a very successful pilot community candidate selection process that took place recently.

“For a new baby that was only born on Monday that’s not a bad show however, we have committed to do things differently definitely to be accountable and to be transparent to the public, the citizens that we represent. The double candidate saga is just a storm in a teacup,” Mahere said.

She said the party began rectifying the three incidents that have seen two candidates withdrawing.

“It is good that these glitches are coming up now while we still have the opportunity to ensure that we correct errors and that we optimize for total success in 2023. That rectification process commenced immediately after nomination courts set yesterday.

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“Of the three double candidates incidents, there have already been withdrawals from two candidates in line with our electoral laws so we only have one incident left and we guarantee that it’s going to be solved in a matter of hours the same way the other two were.

“There is only one irregularity remaining and the secretary for elections and party secretary-general are working round the clock to ensure that’s rectified, it’s a minor irregularity that we will make sure won’t happen in 2023,” she said.

Mahere said there was no value in blaming those who had appended their signatures on the nomination forms for the affected candidates.

“Concerning the circumstances, it’s a pilot process which is brand new so we got a template that was to be followed obviously no blameworthiness lies in either the office of honourable (Charlton) Hwende or that of Professor Welshman Ncube or that of vice president Lynette Karenyi-Kore.

“The circumstances were to do with the execution or the implementation of the template and in the implementation of that template the little bits that we saw were gaps or irregularities which have already been changed and tightened to ensure that this never happens again,” said Mahere

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