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MUTOKO: Chinese Firm Says It Has Compensated Displaced Families


A Chinese company mining black granite in Mutoko, Jinding Mining Zimbabwe has claimed that it has compensated two families displaced by its operations.

There were report that Jinding Mining Zimbabwe only paid two families a paltry US$2500 as compensation after relocation from their land.

However, in a statement Jinding dismissed the reports as malicious and groundless saying the relocation involved three families.

“There is a malicious and false accusation currently being circulated to the effect that Jinding has not properly compensated two Mutoko families for relocating those families from the Jinding mining claims there. As for the so-called relocation of 50 households, it is even more rumors and slander. The fact is that the mining project only involves relocation of THREE families.

“These accusations are completely groundless. Jinding has all the relocation contracts and payment proof of proper compensation for the two families relocated by Jinding arising out of its mining operations. The compensation amounts cited in the media stories are false,” read the statement

The company said compensation was mutually agreed to the approval of families with the knowledge of community leaders.

“The exact amounts were determined with mutual consent to the satisfaction of the relocated families and with the knowledge of the local councilor, community and representatives of villagers.  Jinding takes great exception to these malicious and false accusations and reserves its right to take the appropriate legal action against the purveyors of such false allegations. We will also request our lawyer to send a letter to relevant press and request relevant press to clarify the facts to the public and apologize to Jinding Mining,” added the company

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The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe took a swipe at the reports castigating what it says spooking on Chinese investors in Zimbabwe by some western media.

“Some western media outlets keep smearing Chinese investment in Zim by making and spreading fake news. They are not Guardians of the interests of the Zimbabwean people, but Guardians of illegal #sanctions imposed on Zim. Spooking Chinese investors in Zim is what they really want,” said the embassy

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