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Chinese National Faces Charges for Unlawfully Selling Rented Car

A 34-year-old Chinese national, has found himself entangled in court after allegedly breaching a trust agreement by unlawfully selling a motor vehicle that he had rented.

The incident dates back to February 5, 2024, when Meng Dong, residing at in Highlands, Harare, requested a motor vehicle from Sun Hao (51) for a four-day period.

Hao obliged and provided Dong with the Nissan Patrol bearing registration number AFX 0908, chassis number JN1TANY62Z0156000, and engine number VK56537255A.


However, Dong allegedly violated the trust agreement by selling the vehicle to Wiltech Auto Trade Car Sale, located on Enterprise Road, Harare, using forged documents on the same day.
When Hao approached Dong to retrieve his vehicle, Dong claimed that it had been utilized as collateral for a loan he had obtained.

Subsequently, Hao reported the incident to the ZRP Highlands Police Station. On March 3, 2024, Dong was apprehended, leading to the recovery of the stolen motor vehicle from Wiltech Auto Trade Car Sale, Harare, who had purchased it from Dong.

The total value of the stolen vehicle is estimated at US$98,000, all of which was successfully recovered. The recovered motor vehicle will be presented as evidence in court.

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