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Cholera Outbreak Hits Harare

Harare City Council Director, Prosper Chonzi yesterday confirmed the outbreak of cholera in the capital, calling on residents to stay on high alert sighting the disease’s potential to spread rapidly.

Chonzi said countrywide, more than 500 cases have been recorded.

“We have an outbreak of cholera in the city of Harare and we have 21 suspected cases, 7 of which have been confirmed, the confirmed cases are mainly coming from the western suburbs, with Budiriro having 4 of the confirmed cases, Glenview 3 with 2 cases and 1case from Mt Pleasant “, he said.

He urged people to practice good personal hygiene such as washing hands before eating, after visiting the toilet, eating food whilst its still hot, avoiding gatherings and avoiding buying food from any unlicensed sources.

Meanwhile, vaccination and treatment of all diarrhea abdominal discomfort cases is ongoing for free at council clinics.

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