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Cholera Outbreak Response Underway in Buhera: Health Minister

Health and Child Care Minister, Dr. Douglas Mombeshora says the Government has put in measures to combat a new cholera outbreak that has been reported in Manicaland’s Buhera district.

According to the Minister, the outbreak, which began in late August 2023, has raised concerns with a total of 152 reported cases and 12 unfortunate fatalities as of September 25.

Speaking during a post cabinet press briefing Dr. Mombeshora said the situation was gradually improving.

“We’ve been dealing with this outbreak for about a month now, starting around the 26th of August 2023. As of yesterday, September 25th, we have recorded 152 cases, and sadly, 12 lives have been lost. Yesterday alone, we identified 22 new cases. However, we are beginning to witness a decline in the daily case count, which once reached as high as 40-50 new cases per day. We believe the measures implemented are starting to yield results,” said Dr. Mombeshora

Dr. Mombeshora highlighted that the most affected area is Murambinda Growth Point and efforts are underway to identify the root causes for the disproportionately higher number of cases in this district compared to others.

““We have to first identify the causes so that we put measures in place to protect the public. Cholera is preventable, but if not handled appropriately, it can result in loss of life.”

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To combat the outbreak, the Minister said government is taking multifaceted actions including training Village health workers and environmental health technicians.

“We have now taken the issue to train our village health workers, our environmental health technicians in the community. Community leaders to be able to identify those members in the community who could have contracted the disease.

“We’ve identified that the epicenter was a shrine associated with spiritual healing. We are now educating the public, emphasizing that, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, they should seek medical attention. We are also in discussions with church leaders to encourage their followers to visit hospitals or clinics immediately if they display cholera symptoms,” the Minister said

In addition to these measures, resources are being mobilized to ensure the availability of essential medical supplies, including resuscitation fluids and drugs.

The Minister said the district’s Department of Civil Protection has also been reactivated to coordinate and manage the response efforts effectively.

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