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Coaching Helps Build Resilience In The Face Of Anxieties And Adversities

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa
Renowned master coach ,Blessing Duri has recommended life coaching as a skill that can help people build resilience in the face of the adversities brought about technological advancement leading often to mental health issues

Speaking on the sidelines of the 7th Certification and International Coaching and Mentoring Annual Awards (ICMAA) on Saturday , International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation(ICMF) director Blessing Duri said coaching equips people with requisite skills and tools that can help people to deal with anxieties brought about by technology and mental health.

“The idea is to empower these practitioners with the requisite skills that they can cascade that particular knowledge to others so they can have tools to navigate the terrain .You would appreciate that the 21st century there are so many numerous challenges.

“Of course the advent of technology ,so for us to be able to focus on our goals there is the need to apply certain skills ,”explained Duri.

The revered coach went on to single out the skill of resilience as of utter importance in fighting mental health.

“We need to be resilient now and when we talk of resilience it comprises of three levels; psychological, physical and emotional.

“There are so many things that are happening .You would appreciate the topic of mental health is a buzz today and many people are being affected. So what coaching does is to make people have tenacity and be able to overcome these challenges, “added the ICMF boss.

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One of the certified coaches and winner, Daybreak International Ministries founder, Bishop Adelino Nyabanga hailed the programme and said it will help him in imparting the life skills to his congregants.

“I am so glad that I have graduated as a national certified coach and on top of that I was given two awards –the mentor of the year and the influencer coach of the year.

“Being a pastor or being a bishop working in the field of the Kingdom of God this is not only going to help him preach to people but edify them because this is mind-set education. Even the bible says the battlefield is in the mind so I have been in a position to teach people think positive ,to believe in themselves and to walk according to their expectations.

“I encourage all those that are leading churches to read .A leader is a reader,they must endeavor to continue learning ,”said Bishop Adelino Nyabanga.
Among the 72 certified coaches was Zimdancehall musician Nutty O who spiced the event with a brief performance .Also graduating was actor Jeffrey Musereera.

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