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CocaCola Celebrates 132nd Birthday

The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) today (Tuesday) celebrates its 132nd birthday globally, 90 years in Africa, and 70 years of operation in Zimbabwe.

Coca-Cola East and Central Africa Franchise General Manager, Ahmed Rady said the group takes great pride in being a part of Zimbabwe’s fiber for over 70 years and being a part of celebrations.

“We take great pride in being a part of Zimbabwe’s fiber for over 70 years and being a part of celebrations by families and individuals who enjoy an ice-cold refreshment on a sunny day.

“Coca-Cola has also been a part of national celebrations, including the events to mark the attainment of the country’s independence in 1980 among other milestone events. But we offer more than just refreshments, we prioritize our value chain, and contribute to the nation’s social-economic aspirations and the environment,” said Rady.

Delta Corporation Ltd Corporate Affairs Director, Alex Makamure highlighted the great works Cocacola has carried in Zimbabwe for the past five years including infrastructure investment and skills development among other things.

“Over the past five years, we have invested in infrastructure, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and skills development. We have an enduring belief in Zimbabwe. We see a bright future ahead, with socio-economic trends showing a growing population, rising GDP, and increased urbanization,” said Makamure.

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Meanwhile, Coca-Cola Zimbabwe Country Manager, Noma Halimana said they continue to invest in their business and in community programs.

“We are firmly committed to Zimbabwe’s socio-economic advancement and we continue to invest in our business and in community programs. Some of our initiatives include water projects in Nyanga, Makoni, and Mwoyoweshumba in Manicaland province, in collaboration with Plan International. We believe that powerful partnerships between the private sector, government and society offer the most effective path to development,” said Halimana.

Coca-Cola’s Zimbabwean story is underlined by being the cradle of COPA Coca-Cola, a grassroots football tournament that was founded in Bulawayo in 1989. The tournament is now being played in over 63 countries by over one million teenagers. In Zimbabwe, almost all secondary schools participate in the under 15 tournaments, now in its 30th year. Last year 2,500 boys schools and 2,479 girls schools participated, reaching about a million teens and more people within communities.

 Marked as Founder’s Day, 8th May 1886 was the day Dr. John S. Pemberton sold the first Coca-Cola for just 5 cents in Atlanta, Georgia USA.


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