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Commission Launches Multi-Media Campaign to Promote Electoral Rights

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) has initiated a multi-media campaign aimed at raising awareness among citizens about their electoral rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

Running under the theme; “My Vote, My Right, My Country”, ZHRC chairperson, Elasto Mugwadi said the awareness is to conscientize citizens on their rights during elections.

“The theme underscores the Constitutional rights of citizens in actively exercising their right to vote and to participate in peaceful, free, fair, and credible electoral processes. It also emphasizes the values of sovereignty, good governance, and patriotism, which are essential in electoral processes. The IEC materials developed for the campaign include brochures, leaflets, posters, banners, radio and television jingles, and t/shirts, among other materials,” Mugwadi said.

He further emphasized that Section 1 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe declares the nation’s status as a unitary, democratic, and sovereign republic.

“Our country is already in pre-election mode as we prepare to hold harmonized elections on 23 August 2023, during which Presidential, Senatorial, Parliamentary, and Local Council seats will be contested for. Section 1 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe asserts that Zimbabwe is a unitary, democratic, and sovereign republic.

“This Constitutional provision reflects the fundamental principle of democracy, which holds that the will of the people is the source of legitimacy for sovereign states. The provision promotes the principle of rule by the people directly or through freely elected representatives chosen through elections,” he added.

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Mugwadi reiterated the constitutional obligations of all stakeholders in promoting fundamental human rights.

“The Commission would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to remind the various duty bearers and stakeholders involved in electoral processes, including political parties, contesting candidates, law enforcement agencies, Independent Commissions, media houses, media practitioners, and traditional leaders, of their constitutional obligations and responsibilities in protecting, promoting, and fulfilling fundamental human rights and freedoms related to the entire electoral cycle. This is to ensure peaceful, free, fair, and credible elections as provided for in international, regional, and domestic human rights standards, guidelines, and best practices,” he said.

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