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Cottco Honors Outstanding Cotton Farmers at a Colourful Ceremony in Mt. Darwin

The Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) recently hosted the 2022/23 Cotton Grower of the Year Award ceremony in Mt. Darwin, showcasing the remarkable achievements of cotton farmers from across the country.

Attracting a diverse array of people from Mashonaland province, the event was a vibrant celebration of excellence and innovation in cotton farming.

The event was not only a platform to celebrate the achievements of individual farmers but also an opportunity to reaffirm Cottco’s commitment to transforming communities.

“Our motto says ‘Transforming Communities’ meaning there is a link between Cottco and cotton farmers that we work with. We have much concern with communities that our farmers come from and we want to develop these communities.

“We have drilled a borehole at one of our female farmers’ homestead from Muzarabani as well as installing solar energy at another farmer’s homestead in Gokwe that’s why we are saying transforming communities,” said Sifelani Jabangwe, Cottco board chairman

Addressing the gathering, guest of honour Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Dr. Anxious Masuka in a speech read on his behalf by his deputy Vangelis Harritatos highlighted the importance of cotton as a strategic crop for rural development.

“Today, we not only recognize the excellence and dedication in our way, but also reaffirm our committee to mitigate the adaptation in the world of the warming effect of climatic cases that we were experiencing. Cotton, being a crop, is highly recognized in yeast areas due to its resilience and adaptability to limited water conditions.

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“Cotton, like many of you, is a strategic crop central to rural development. Our transformation in rural areas, especially marginalized areas such as Chireya and Jomba, in Gokwe and Zambezi, here in central Mashonaland Central, is anchored at the cotton farmers. What we see today is an easy example of how agriculture can be turned into a profitable venture,” said Masuka

The highlight of the day came as war veteran Mr. Lionel Rabvu was announced as the overall winner of the Cotton Grower of the Year for the 2022-2023 season.

In addition to Mr. Rabvu’s success, Mrs. Fungai Mhlanga of Sanyati was recognized as the Best Female Grower of the Year, highlighting the crucial role that women play in driving agricultural growth and development.

Meanwhile, 34 year old Cheidi Kanojerera of Mushumbi in Muzarabani was honored as the Young Farmer of the Year, showcasing the promising talent emerging within the agricultural sector.

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