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Bulawayo City Council gets tough on traffic offenders

Government has given the Bulawayo City Council the go ahead to fine commuters who board at illegal pick points, setting the local authority on collision course with the police who used to collect the fines.

The move might be a welcome boost to the city’s drying coffers, as it battles to improve on its service delivery mandate.

Apart from collecting fines, the local authority will also dispose by way of a public auction, impounded vehicles which have not been claimed for a month.

In a public notice, the city’s senior public relations officer, Nesisa Mpofu, urged motorists to acquaint themselves with the new traffic by-law.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing has, in terms of section 229 of the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15], approved the following By-Laws made by the Bulawayo City Council; Statutory Instrument 63 OF 2015 [Bulawayo City Council Clamping and Tow Away] By-Laws, 2015. Government Gazette Vol.XC111, No.37, 15 May, 2015,” read part of the notice.

According to the new by-law, clamped vehicles will be impounded and towed away if a fine is not paid within two hours.


If however, the vehicle is obstructing traffic it will be immediately towed away to the council’s storage compound.

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“Council shall publish in any newspaper circulating within the Council area a list of vehicles immobilised and advise the owners  to claim the vehicles within a period of thirty days.

“Council shall sell by public auction any vehicle that remains unclaimed thirty (30) days after a notice has been published,” read part of the by-law.

Commuters who board at illegal zones will be charged a $5 fine, with motorists who do not display valid parking discs paying a $10 fine.

Those who throw litter out of a motor vehicle will be fined $5 and taxi cabs who carry more than three passengers at the back seat fined $5 per extra passenger.

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