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Covid-19 Crisis Triggers Job Losses Across Zimbabwe


As the Covid-19 pandemic continue to wreak havoc across the globe thousands of jobs are on the line across all sectors in the country.

A report titled Sustainable and Flexible Economic Interventions to Address Covid-19 released recently by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) said 25% of the country’s formal and 75% of the informal workforce are at risk.

“Workforce will be made redundant as some business will not be able to adapt to the effects of Covid-19. There is going to be loss of employment 25% of formal jobs will be lost and 75% of casual jobs will be lost as businesses lay off workers given the sharp contractions in many sectors.” read the report

With many in the informal sector depending on hand to mouth their savings have already been wiped out and it will be a mammoth task for many to kick start.

Thompson Nerwande a human resources consultant with a leading consultancy company says Covid-19 will change the way many companies labour.

“It is a situation that has never befall us, the pandemic will bring a new dimension in house entities function. Big companies may not lay off permanent staff at the moment but with passage of time say 2-3 months from the end of the lockdown bells will certainly ring,” said Nerwande

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He said employees have to adapt with the situation and face reality.

“Those who will face the chop will need to adapt to the new norm that awaits them. They have to face reality as it comes. They have to be open to new challenges” he said

The tourism sector is hard hit and has already lost billions of dollars with hotels feeling the pinch as bookings were cancelled.


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