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CSOs, Political parties considers mass protest

By Samuel Takawira

Several Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and political parties in the country have vowed to take mass action claiming that the Mugabe – lead regime has failed the country.

Speaking at a press conference held in the capital, the chairperson of National Youth Action Alliance (NYYA), Gilbert Mutubuki said that mass action is the only possible solution to the problems faced by Zimbabweans.

“We are convinced, as the National Alliance, that the only way to find answers to the troubling questions about the national crisis and the way forward, remains in the people of Zimbabwe standing up to exercise their power and demand what should create a better Zimbabwe.

“There is only one route left for Zimbabweans, which can bring an end to the deep national crisis and liberate the nation from the clutches of the failed Zanu PF regime,” said Mutubuki

Mutubuki went on to urge Zimbabweans to take action against the Zanu PF government and help build a better Zimbabwe.

“The fundamental basis of this alliance embarking on mass action is the fact that we believe that Zanu PF regime has failed, the state has been corrupted by the regime’s agents and elements and therefore we as a nation, should put an end to this and be able to rebuild Zimbabwe, he said.

He also added that the national economy has continued to spiral downwards with all indicators being symbolic of absolute failure by the government led by President Robert Mugabe.

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“We are at a point where the national economy urgently requires a significant spark and rescue plan yet clearly the Zanu PF regime lack any clue or capacity to even attempt that.

“Companies continue to collapse and close down under the high temperatures of a combination of massive corruption, plunder, mismanagement, disinvestment and policy inconsistency, which the Zanu PF regime have been presiding over and continue to do so,” revealed Mutubuki.

Listen: Audio: National Youth Action Alliance(NYAA) Press Conference – 10 Feb 2015

The National Youth Action Alliance was formed after  series of negotiations by different political parties and CSOs which include the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change, Harare Residents Trust, Mavambo Kusile Dawn, ZAPU, African National Council as well as the Movement for Democratic Change led by Welshman Ncube.

No resounding mass action has been recorded in Zimbabwe and this raises fears that the planned mass action will also be a flop.

Late last year planned demonstrations by MDC-T suffered a major blow after Combined Harare Residents Association and Zimbabwe Congress of  Trade Unions made a sudden U-turn.

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