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CSO’s Vow To Defend Human Rights Defenders Against Persecution


Local civic society organizations under the flagship of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) have resolved to continue defending its members and human rights defenders from what it says persecution from the Government.

CiZC says the current operational context in the country is characterized by the shrinking of civic and democratic space and accuses government of showing signs of unwillingness to reform and return to norm compliance with democratic and developmental governance.

In a statement following the Coalition’s 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM), CiZC said it had adopted a coordinated approach in responding to the contentious Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO) Amendment Bill.

“The Coalition will continue to fiercely defend its membership, Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and activists against continued persecution by the government. The AGM adopted a multi-pronged approach in responding to the Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO) Amendment Bill. The Coalition will continue to mobilise ordinary citizens to defend the democratic and civic space while intensifying regional and international solidarity campaigns against the consolidation of authoritarian rule in Zimbabwe.

“The Coalition will continue with its push for structural devolution of civil society programming such that it can match our collective push for devolution across the country. Devolution remains a viable and constitutionally provided for strategy towards inclusion of marginalized communities in the National Development Agenda and achieving genuine inclusiveness which leaves no one and no place behind,” CiZC said.

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In light of the forthcoming harmonised elections, the Coalition said it will engage local and regional stakeholders on fears of electoral manipulation.

“The AGM affirmed the early warning statements from various member institutions and other stakeholders that the impending 2023 elections are already being manipulated by the ruling party. AGM therefore resolved to engage both local and regional stakeholders on the basis of these realities, and their effect on a credible election. AGM resolved to continue with the Coalition’s push towards a National Dialogue/Conversation as the most viable and sustainable avenue towards resolving the multi-faceted challenges facing the country. The framework for such dialogue must be inclusive and not be limited to political parties.” said the Coalition

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