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Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) Zimbabwe Launches 1 Gigabit per Second Fibre Service

In a move set to revolutionize Zimbabwe’s digital landscape, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) Zimbabwe, the open-access, carrier-neutral wholesale fibre infrastructure provider, has announced the launch of its 1 gigabit per second access technology as its standard fibre service feature.

In a statement, DFA Zimbabwe chief operations officer Hugh Vera highlighted the company’s commitment to providing top-notch services.

“We are driving the highest standards of construction, implementing state-of-the-art network technology and ensuring our operations are scalable and future proof. Before any construction begins, we identify every site and do a feasibility assessment. This tells us where the most capacity is needed today and how this may change in the future,” said Vera

His sentiments were echoed by Tongai Tanhara, Chief Commercial Officer of DFA Zimbabwe, who underscored the importance of the new technology.

“With the launch of Zimbabwe’s fastest and most cost-effective connectivity products, we are demonstrating the benefits of an intelligent, reliable network that will last for generations. By working with our ISP partners to bring symmetrical multi-gigabit fiber consumer services to market today, Zimbabwe will finally have a network and services that will enable a digital future.” Tanhara said

DFA Zimbabwe’s Metro network now spans over 300km in Harare and Bulawayo and is complimented by a 1350km Beitbridge to Victoria Falls and Bulawayo to Harare long-haul network. Currently, the open-access network provider works with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and international carriers on a rolling basis, who then offer a range of packages to deliver the full fibre experience directly to consumers.

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DFA Zimbabwe has chosen market-leading vendor Ciena as its technology partner, underpinning a nationwide 100Gbps fiber deployment programme. Ciena provides smart CPE that delivers gigabit Ethernet service capability with Virtual Network Function (VNF) integration. This launch heralds a new era of affordable, multi-gigabit fiber optic services for millions of potential customers, putting an end to the age-old battle for bandwidth.

In another major development, DFA launched its long-haul network, announcing that its long-haul fibre optic network spanning over 1500 kilometres is now ready for commercialization. The inter-city network built along the railway servitude stretches from Beitbridge to Victoria Falls via Bulawayo and connects to the capital city of Harare.

The new long-haul fibre infrastructure will position Zimbabwe as a regional transit hub for telecommunications traffic in Southern Africa, enabling cross-border connectivity to South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, and Mozambique.

The long-haul infrastructure was officially launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Somabhula on the 7th of March 2024. The infrastructure was built in partnership with BCS and Dandemutande, with more than US$18 million invested into the project by the partners in a co-build arrangement.

“We are excited to launch our long-haul network and we are thrilled to open the doors for commercial service on this transformative network,” said Simon Chimutsotso, Chief Executive Officer of DFA Zimbabwe.

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He added, “The DFA Zimbabwe long-haul network is a game-changer, empowering businesses with unwavering network stability and consistent connectivity for critical services.”

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