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Delta To Introduce New Chibuku Scud


Leading beer manufacturers, Delta Corporation has hinted that it will soon introduce a more secure Chibuku Scud bottle that enable consumers to see the inside contents, a move the company says will improve customer confidence in the once popular sorghum beer brand.

In an interview with 263Chat, Delta corporate affairs director, Alex Makamure said sales volumes for the Chibuku Scud went down by five percent in the first quarter ended 30 June 2017 due to lack of consumer confidence.

“There are issues with regards to the scud as we have known it, there are some concerns about our consumers lacking confidence about what is inside the bottle so we are doing an innovation of introducing another bottle which is still a returnable bottle and there are some attributes that will make the product much more secure from the consumer’s point of view so we are introducing it initially in a smaller pack as a 1.5 liter scud pack with improved graphics, “said Makamure.

According to results from the first quarter ended 30 June 2017, lager beer sales went up by 12% while the soft drinks category grew 3% with Chibuku Super also recording a 9% growth.


Despite the positive growth in lager and soft drinks, sorghum beer volume was 5%.

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“The only decline was in sorghum beer business in Chibuku which we attributed to the issue that, we are converting from the standard Chibuku to the Chibuku Super,” said Makamure.

He attributed the boost in their business to increased consumer expenditure from government funded programs such as five percent incentive for agricultural produce and bonuses for civil servants.

“There is an increase in the market because of government’s activities, the way they are funding bonuses and the way they are funding agriculture in terms giving incentivized prices is sort of giving money to the consumer, so in a way, once you give money to the consumer ,they spend on our products ,”said Makamure.

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