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Dont Be Distracted By Sideshows: Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has taken a dig at Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) President Douglas Mwonzora over his High Court in which he

Mwonzora dragged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the High Court to stop proclamation of election dates because of the controversy surrounding the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s delimitation report.

In an urgent chamber application to have the case heard at the Constitutional Court, the Mwonzora said the delimitation report should be declared null and void for failing to satisfy constitutional requirements.

“… we seek a declaratur declaring the delimitation report prepared by first respondent (Zec) and gazetted by second respondent (Mnangagwa) on February 20 null and void for not being in accordance with provisions of section 161 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” Mwonzora submitted.

He cited ZEC, Mnangagwa, Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi and the Attorney-General’s Office as first, second, third and fourth respondents.

In an indirect message shared on his Twitter handle, Chamisa there were too many side shows meant to distract, discourage and frustrate citizens from exercising their right to vote for leaders of their choice.

“BE VIGILANT..Too many sideshows around. Don’t be distracted. Don’t get discouraged or frustrated. Some are afraid your right to choose and decide your leaders. Some don’t want you to exercise that right. Tell someone!” said Chamisa.

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Mnangagwa is set to announce election dates which will most likely be around 20 August if the country is to use the new delimitation report.

Chamisa is going into the 2023 elections as the CCC candidate after moving away from the MDC brand due to infightings first with Thokozani Khupe and later Mwonzora.

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  • It will be interesting to see who’s on the ballot, how vote fraud can be stopped, and how much, if any, interest voters have on the day. There was all sorts of BS last time, such as “we can detect rigging”, but not one mention of how to STOP IT! I’ll only bother to go, IF and only IF, vote fraud cannot, and will not, occur!

  • As vote rigging is always alleged, seldom proven, counting is done behind closed doors, where candidates and their agents have been barred from observing the count, and sod-all is done to STOP those things happening, why bother to vote? Unless and until, systems are in place, which GUARNATEE the vote is NOT and CANNOT, BE RIGGED, why should anyone bother? Remember that you stupids have also done NOTHING, since 1985, to ensure a free and fair vote, whinge about it afterwards, and don’t seem to have made a plan to STOP vote fraud, can anyone give me a reason as to why I should waste fuel and time, to cast a vote, when no one can GUARANTEE the results won’t be rigged? Over to you…

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