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Dynamos Clarifies Disengagement  With Former Vice Chairman

Harare football giants Dynamos Football Club has clarified the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of former Vice Chairman Vincent Chawonza.

In a statement released by the club board, Chawonza’s dismissal was prompted by a series of violations that tarnished the reputation of the club and its stakeholders.

“The Dynamos Football Club Board, the sole appointing authority, would like to confirm the following in respect of the disengagement of Mr Vincent Chawonza as Vice Chairman of Dynamos Football Club Executive Committee: the disengagement of Mr Vincent Chawonza was occasioned by his failure to observe basic tenets of sports management and corporate governance.

“His disengagement was as a result of a litany of transgressions which brought the club and its stakeholders into disrepute as evidenced by his reckless statements in the print and electronic media, which statements were besides being his personal views, were not cleared by the club leadership as per standard club protocol,” read the statement

The club further refutes claims made by Mr. Chawonza regarding his contributions to the club, labeling them as “preposterous and mischievous” and urged stakeholders to disregard him.

“The Board would like to distance itself from the purported post- disengagement overtures from the club as the club took a position to relieve Mr. Vincent Chawonza of any duties at the club as he was fast turning into a liability to the club founded in 1963. Mr. Chawonza was just an appointee who had been brought into the club to serve the club and his contribution was to be within the terms of reference governing his appointment. Claims by Mr. Chawonza that he rendered material and financial support to the club are preposterous and mischievous.

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“Dynamos Football Club would like to appeal to all our stakeholders to ignore the hollow shenanigans of Mr Chawonza as he is seeking attention. The media statements attributed to Mr Chawonza should be treated as vain attempts by the former Vice Chairman to bounce back through the back door and the club would like to confirm that Mr Chawonza has no authority to talk on behalf of Dynamos Football Club following his exit as a result of his reckless conduct,” said the club

The club warned of potential legal action against Mr. Chawonza should he persist in making statements that could incite alarm or distress among the club’s members and supporters.

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