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Dzamara family appeals for help


The family of the missing human rights activist, Itai Dzamara has appealed to Zimbabweans to help in his search.

Speaking at a press briefing held in the capital yesterday, the family spokesperson, Patson Dzamara pleaded with Zimbabweans to join in the search of Itai Dzamara.

“We are appealing to Zimbabwe to stand with us in the search for Itai Dzamara, that’s the spirit of ubuntu.  If your neighbour’s house is on fire what do you do, you go out and help, you don’t throw petrol containers,” elaborated Patson  Dzamara

He went on to say the family is clueless on the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara.

“We can categorically confirm that in spite of all our efforts in partnership with our legal team to locate Itai Dzamara or to at least gain knowledge as to what inspired after his abduction no tangible movement has been registered thus far,” said Patson Dzamara.

The family spokesperson blasted those spreading rumours on the whereabouts of Itai.

“There has been a lot of rumours, versions and theories promulgated by various individuals or media outlets some of which are certainly malicious lies.

“As a family we are not omniscient, we are also seeking to know what transpired. As such, we can’t confirm any of those rumours, versions and theories at this point in time. We reject them,” said Patson Dzamara.

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The search for Itai Dzamara has so far yielded nothing despite High Court ordering State organs to intensify the search for Dzamara.

Meanwhile, National Youth Action Alliance (NYYA) has vowed that it will continue to employ ways to bring back Itai alive.

“We are sick and tired of lip-service by the authorities, therefore we will continue pursuing by all means necessary to ensure that Itai is brought back alive,” said Tererayi Obey Sithole the Chairperson of NYAA.

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