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ED Drills 115 Solar-Powered Boreholes in Midlands

The Zimbabwean government has drilled 115 solar-powered boreholes in the Midlands province, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced on Saturday.

The boreholes are part of a government program to install a solar-powered borehole in each of the country’s 35,000 villages.

The program is designed to provide safe and convenient access to drinking water for rural communities, as well as to support market gardening and rural industries.

“The boreholes programme is rapidly changing people’s lives,” Mnangagwa said at a rally in Shurugwi, Midlands. “We are also building several bridges and schools in the Midlands, and we have introduced e-passports so that people no longer have to travel to Harare to apply for passports.”

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who also spoke at the rally, said President Mnangagwa is a visionary leader who is making Zimbabwe a great nation.

“In just over five years in office, our President has achieved many milestones,” Chiwenga said. “He is making Zimbabwe a shining beacon not only of SADC, but the whole continent of Africa.”

Paul Tungwarara, chairperson of Prevail Group International, the company that is drilling the boreholes, said they are moving quickly to reach the target of one borehole for each village.

“Access to potable water for the ordinary people is one of the Second Republic’s major endeavors,” Tungwarara said. “Our boreholes are also bringing convenience to the beneficiaries in that they come with tapped water instead of the old model bush pump borehole.”

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The government’s borehole drilling program is a major step forward in improving access to safe water in rural Zimbabwe. The program is also expected to boost economic development in rural areas by supporting market gardening and rural industries.

In addition to the borehole drilling program, the government is also investing in other infrastructure projects in the Midlands province, including the construction of bridges and schools. These investments are aimed at improving the quality of life for people in rural Zimbabwe and making the province a more attractive place to live and work.

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