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ED Orders Security Arms To Deal With Criminals

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Monday ordered members of the security to deal with individuals who are involved in criminal activities.

The country has witnessed a spate of criminal activities including the recent murder of seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore in Murewa. The minor was beheaded in a suspected case of ritual murder.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Brigadier General Ruphus Chigudu at the national heroes’ acre, Mnangagwa said the trend should be ‘speedily’ removed from society.

“Government is very concerned about growing cases of ritual murders of minors. Let me reiterate that all stakeholders in our criminal justice system speedily and strongly deal with perpetrators so that this evil trend is expunged from our society,” said Mnangagwa

He said people should draw inspiration from the late Brigadier General Chigudu and use firearms to protect and defend national interests.

“Equally worrisome are the growing cases of armed and violent crimes. We must draw lessons and inspirations from the late Brigadier General Cde Chigudu whose profession was founded on the use of firearms, who knew that guns are for defence and protection of national interest unlike others in our midst who turn up against their own nation, betray their own people for the love of money, engage in criminal activities due to lack of principle. I have ordered our security arms to deal with such misdeeds.” he added

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The country has also witnessed an increase in robbery cases in which citizens have lost valuable properties to robbers.


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