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EPL Weekly – Matchday 4

Not a great weekend at all for home teams, and the top teams really struggled.

Arsenal kicked off first and walked away with 3 points, having had a goal scored for them by the opposition AGAIN (Taking a page outta UTD’s play book)!!! For all the poking proding and good play, there was no one to put away any of the chances created. Theo had a stinker at centre forward (he is a winger at best Arsene). Giroud missed a guilt edged chance, just proving the need for a proper number 1. But hey a win is a win and more important a win before the stupid international break.

Chelsea was next. Mou has only ever lost once at Stamford bridge. Crystal Palace came to play though, and without JT the defence was leaderless. Look even with JT they didn’t look convincing but without him, Palace created chance after chance. I don’t know what it is, Mou’s teams if anything are solid at the back, but I think they have been found out a bit. It doesn’t help that Hazard isn’t firing on all cylinders yet, Fabregas doesn’t look too good either. If the Pogba rumours are true, it could reinvigorate that Midfield. Hey, where is Oscar?? Did Falcao score??

City look majestic!!! They are form team and are destroying all before them. Silva again pulling the strings. They haven’t conceded a goal yet people. Sure u could say they haven’t played stern opposition, wait, didn’t they do in Chelsea a couple weeks ago. The question with City is whether they can get the ugly 1-0 win when they aren’t playing well. But hey right now let’s just enjoy the show!!!

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Liverpool, me oh my. A few week ago here, a few Liverpool fans were on my back about the shit show the Gunners put up against the Hammers on opening day. My my my, how the tables have turned. So I won’t do my usual Liverpool bashing (I really do enjoy bashing them though), but with the side that was put out by Rodgers, they shoulda won. I keep saying Brandon is their weak link, and I maintain that. Liverpool have good talent there is no reason for their mediocre performances. Their only decent performance this season came in 1 half vs Arsenal. SMH, to think Jurgen Klopp was available.

UTD closed out the weekend with a loss. Swansea are no slouches, and have been taking huge scalps for a while now. But the UTD played well, carved open so great chances but were wasteful. Wazza in particular was bad. I mean he should’ve had at least a couple. He just does’t look right at centre forward. Being played everywhere else on the pitch BUT his natural position has ruined him. I backed him to have a monster season, alas, I will be dropping him from my fantasy team. That boy Ayew though, free transfer from Marseille, what a great piece of business. This Gary Monk guy know what he is doing.

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So the power rankings this week:


1. City, this is a no brainer guys. 100% record, 0 goals scored against them. DAVID SILVA!!!

2. Arsenal, they looked great except at putting the ball in the net. They keep their spot only coz everyone else lost. BUY A BLOODY STRIKER!!!

3. UTD, even though they lost, it was away from home, and they played relatively well. Wazza needs to start playing like we know he can!!

4. Chelsea, ahead of Liverpool because of Mou. We know he can put the ship right. He has a game plan for reform.

5. Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has NO plan, NO idea what he is doing. Good players, bad manager. Get rid of him, Klopp is still available.

My ranking are purely opinion based with a little bias towards my Gunners hehehe. Let me know your rankings in the comments!!!

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