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EPL Weekly Rant

This will short, I always say that and ends up being very long. Things to do though, so here goes.
Chelsea v City – Chelsea are still pants, and are in need of a serious overhaul. Aguero is probably the deadliest striker in the league. (Sp*rs fans are spitting at that statement lol). City are 3rd. Peaking at the right time.
Arsenal continue to capitulate. Free fall to a position there are familiar with. 4TH. Wenger to say another season at least so expect more heartbreak Arsenal fans.
Leicester got a draw, Vardy got a red, they are still top, but with no Vardy for a couple of games can they seen it out. Sp*rs are on a roll.
Sp*rs wiped the floor with Stoke. Wasn’t even a contest. Harry Kane is a beast. And this Delle Ali guy, WTF did he come from. They gained ground on Leiceister but are still 5 points behind.
Liverpool, Sturridge is the truth. If this guy stayed fit, he would be an absolute gem of a striker. They will be a force next season. Kloppo doing his thing.
  1. Leicester – stuttered a little. Can they keep it together??
  2. Sp*rs – Are there to keep Leicester honest, could steal it if Leicster go off the rails
  3. City – Aguerooooooooooo
  4. Arsenal – right where they are supposed to be
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