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Government Declares Monday A Public Holiday

Government has advised that this year’s Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth day will rollover to Monday since this year’s day is being commemorated on Sunday.

In a statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage said the day will be commemorated on Sunday the 21st February 2021 and rollover to Monday.

“In terms of the Extraordinary Government Gazette of 2 October 2020, on Public Holidays in 2021, Sunday 21st February 2021 is the National Youth Day. Section 1 (i) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act (Chapter 10:21) provides that


“When a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following shall be a public holiday, since the national youth day falls on a Sunday, it therefore follows that the public holiday will rollover to Monday 22 February 2021,” said the Ministry

The day coincide with former president Robert Mugabe’s birthday and it will be the second time the holiday is being celebrated without the veteran politician as he passed on in September 2019 at the age of  95.

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