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Gvt cuts internet indefinitely amid violent crackdown


Zimbabwean government  shut down the internet indefinitely amid an intensifying crackdown on protests against a hike in fuel prices.

The country’s largest mobile operator – Econet – says it has been ordered to cut services until further notice.

Access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter has been intermittently blocked since protests broke out on Monday.

At least three people have been killed and 600 people have been arrested.

The UN has called on the government to halt the “excessive use of force” by security forces including firing live ammunition, and allegations of night-time door-to-door searches and beatings.

“Doctors’ associations say more than 68 people were treated in hospital for gunshot wounds, this is not way to react to the expression of economic grievances by the population,” Reuters news agency quotes UN human rights spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani as saying.

The government has blamed the opposition and political rights groups for the protests.

Source: BBC

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