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Harare City Council Press statement on illegal structures and demolitions

Harare City Council would like to inform all persons building houses and any structures on undesignated sites to stop construction work forthwith to avoid further loss of resources.

New construction work on illegal sites that begins after this warning will be demolished without notice.

The stoppage is to allow council together with the Provincial Joint Operations Commission (Joc) (comprising ZRP, ZNA, ZPCS and President’s Office) to carry out an audit of all construction work on land that was not allocated to beneficiaries by council and the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.
The audit begins immediately and its results would be openly communicated.

After the audit council will regularise some properties while those on condemned land will be asked to voluntarily remove their structures failure of which council will do it on their behalf at cost to the owners.

Any structures built above water, sewer and communication lines and under electricity pylons and on wetlands, school sites, near water reservoirs, road reserves and on sites reserved for public amenities will be removed if the owners fail to voluntarily do so.

Council is advising anyone who is not sure of the legality of his or her allocation to verify with council (Corporate Services and Housing Department on ‘04-751 968’) and avoid further loss of resources and undue delays in finishing their construction work.


Investigations will also be carried out to establish how the land was sold or parcelled out to the various beneficiaries outside the dictates of council and the Ministry of Local Government, Pubic Works and National Housing. All those involved in the illicit land deals will be brought to book.

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People are also urged to volunteer information on the illegal land sales and provide names of those involved. The exercise is part of the wider measures by council to restore sanity, beauty and aesthetics of Harare.


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Source:  City of Harare Facebook Page

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