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Harare shops engage touts for survival

Shop owners in Harare have resorted to vending activities in a bid to maneuver  the activities of street vendors who have flourished in the streets of Harare .

By Philemon Jambaya 

Most of fashion shops in Harare now rely on touting to lure customers. This trend has been extended even to butcheries and supermarkets.

Malvern Berejena, one of the touts said that touting is the only way to lure customers since there is stiff competition in the Chinese clothing companies.

“Look my brother we have stiff competition from vendors so the best way is to shout so that our customers can hear us. This is another way of marketing our businesses” said Berejena.

Combined Harare Residents Association Chairman Simbarashe Moyo said that the shops are doing what is known as noise pollution. He said  council must stop the noise pollutin with immediate effect.


“This issue is problematic, these guys are polluting the environment, it is called noise pollution and it disturbs other people who will be moving around the CBD” Said Moyo.

Moyo went on to challenge the council to educate shop owners and  shop touts on  the implications of touting.

“I urge Harare city council to educate the shop owners and their shop touts about the implications of touting in the CBD, the council should go a step further, they should prosecute those people, they should also confront them like what they did on churches, sanity should prevail in Harare.

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Harare City Council Spokesperson Michael Chideme said that it is illegal for shop owners to employ such tactics which cause noise pollution without the council’s permission.

“It is illegal for shops to do that, touting is not allowed without approval from the council, when shops want to do touting they should approach the council and pay a certain fee and this should not be an everyday thing” Chideme said.

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