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Holy Ten Announces Album Release Date To Pour Cold Water On Turmoil

Man of the moment, Holy Ten has announced that he will be releasing a new album, The Book Of Malachi, on January 5 in what could be a bid to pour some cold water on his woes.

Holy Ten is currently under fire for backtracking on his collaboration with Zimdancehall chanter, Winky D, on a song called Ibotso, which he said he regrets being part of.

In a statement where he also pleaded with music analysts to stop politicising the song Holy Ten said, “activists, journalists, lawyers – Split opinions will not do any good for a brand that’s trying to serve & save everyone so help me by not acting like I’ve picked a side. Do not politicize a project that I’ve considered a mere honor to be a part of. I regret it now honestly.”

His statement was met with sharp criticism from the masses, a development that may have pushed him into ‘prematurely’ releasing an album to put out the fire.

Announcing the album on his social media handles, Holy Ten said, “THE BOOK OF MALACHI (Tracklist) NEW ALBUM – 5 JANUARY 2023 (6pm GMT +2)”

The album carries 10 songs which include, Zvivindi, The Book Of Malachi, Gomba re Shumba, God Is Not On Holiday (ft. Majorsteez, Michael Magz), My Feelings (ft. Xiba), Deep Down Zaka, Miscommunications, Aba Father (ft. Epixode), Can’t Get and Crown.

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