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ICT Ministry Launches Ambitious Digitalization Initiative for Rural and Urban Areas

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Couriers Services has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to digitize both rural and urban areas in a bid to propel Zimbabwe into the digital age and foster economic growth.

Minister Tatenda Mavetera outlined the ministry’s strategic plan, emphasizing its alignment with the Zimbabwe National Information Communication Technology 2022-2027 framework. She stated, “The expansion and enhancement of digital infrastructure are crucial in driving our national ICT policy and realizing a digital society.”

Highlighting the importance of technology access, Minister Mavetera announced upcoming initiatives to provide affordable digital devices, particularly in rural communities.

Moreover, the digitalization drive aims to streamline government services through e-governance solutions. Minister Mavetera affirmed, “We are developing online platforms for services like e-tax filing, e-health, and e-payment systems to improve citizen access.”

Recognizing the need for digital literacy, the ministry has initiated various training programs and partnerships with educational institutions and private organizations.

Collaborations with local and international entities aim to leverage expertise and resources, particularly in expanding network coverage and improving internet quality.

Furthermore, the ministry is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through technology hubs and funding programs, creating an enabling environment for startups to thrive.

The upcoming Digitalize Zimbabwe 2024 Expos, organized in partnership with Video Promotions Africa, will showcase the country’s digital progress, with participation from various sectors.

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Pascal Kwaramba, the Expos organizing director, emphasized the transition to the digital era across all sectors of the economy.

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