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Introducing the Edinah Masanga Women’s Open

In our seven years of existence, it has become clear to us that there are fewer girls and women playing chess than men and boys. Lack of confidence and discouragement are among the reasons that deter girls from playing chess as much as boys.

However, African Chess Lounge is committed to promoting chess among girls and therefore we have asked women’s empowerment guru Edinah Masanga to be a patron for a special tournament for women only.

Edinah Masanga, who is now the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Empowerment Foundation for Southern Africa, was born in a small rural village in Zimbabwe. In her childhood, she battled against hunger, lack of school materials and beliefs that girls should not get an education but get married instead. Despite all of this, Ms. Masanga finished as the top student at her school and went on to become one of the top journalists in Zimbabwe.

She later joined the women’s empowerment sector in Zimbabwe which and worked for it for ten years. In 2014 she relocated to Sweden where she continues to work for the upliftment of women and girls in Africa and beyond.

Her life story of emerging victorious from a life of poverty and succeeding in life inspires us immensely. Her undying spirit, intelligence, resilience, and determination are all qualities we would love her to impart to chess girls. She is a true role model for girls and women in Africa and beyond.

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The Prize Breakdown is as follows

Open Prizes

1st R4000

2nd R3000

3rd R2000

4th R1500

5th R1000


Junior Prizes under 12

1 R1500

2 R1000

3 R500


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